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Belvedere Stables specializes in starting and educating young sport horses. A lot of times youngsters get 'left behind' in a busy training program, having to fit into a tight schedule and not getting the extra time they need to create a solid well-rounded basis to build on. Here at Belvedere Stables your youngsters will learn not only all their ground manners, they will receive an allround education and training that involves not only dressage and H/J basics, but also trail, desensitizing, handling themselves in a crowded ring, and being patient when required. Not all show barns accept horses to be broke to ride or spend the time each individual horse requires for the first months, Belvedere Stables fills this gap with giving your horse a solid start with correct aids, creating a basis that will enable your horse to excel in any discipline, may it be Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, or Eventing.

Our training programs are based on a solid Dressage foundation with classic principles and we also offer lessons and training in Western Dressage which is a new discipline enjoying increasing popularity at officially rated breed shows and Dressage shows alike.

In addition to teaching and training Dressage up to 3rd Level we also prepare horses for sale and offer consignment arrangements. Although we specialize in the training of young and green horses, we also welcome boarders who would like to join one of our full or partial training programs.

Every horse is an individual and learns best at his own pace and to his physical and mental capabilities. By developing individual Training Programs for each horse, we ensure that the horses in our care are broke to ride and/or trained in a manner that lets them enjoy what they do and enables them to excel in any discipline. We take great pride in our training program, and enjoy watching our horses and their owners blossom into competitive riding partners.


I started dressage training with Marion in early 2007. I had been a hard working dressage rider for almost a decade. I was showing at first level but wasn’t able to progress any further. Marion immediately diagnosed my problem…I was too tense!! I was clamping with my knees and my body was giving the horse the message to stop not to go. Marion spent a lot of time working with me to relax. Once I relaxed, the horse would move willingly forward. She had me ride horses that were schooled in the upper level movements, which helped me to understand the aids. I never thought I could do canter pirouettes, passage and piaffe.

Marion assisted me in importing a young talented Andalusian from Mexico. Many trainers don’t allow the owner to ride a young horse until he is educated. Marion had me ride my horse right from the beginning. She did this in a safe controlled environment that allowed me to be part of the process. This has been a wonderful experience and a great confidence builder.

Margaret Stonich, 2011

Over the last four years, Marion has done a great job training our young horses! Her expertise shows in the willing partnership she builds with them as they progress from beginning ground work to their first dressage test. Marion is a true professional whose approach ensures the horse has a positive learning experience every day.

J. Forest, 2013

Last updated on January 25th, 2015
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