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Here's to some really special people in my life. I would not be on this journey without their continuous support and their happy faces when I need it most!
Love you guys!

Special Thanks to Kim, Carrie, Karen, Katie, Jacqueline, Margaret, my parents, and not to forget all my students and clients, for your moral and other support along the way.

Other interesting - and some funny - links to browse:

Schleese Saddlery
Ill saddle fit is the number one culprit in performance and health problems of horses (and riders). Schleese has designed a patented flexible tree that is used in Dressage, english, and Western saddles made by their German saddle maker Jochen Schleese.
Belvedere Stables is arranging Saddle fitting clinics on a regular basis to educate horse owners and help horses be healthy and fit in their saddles or a Schleese saddle.

Medicine Hat Animal Chiropractic
Dr. Dawn Fletcher helps our horses to stay limber and supple with her vast knowledge of the horse's body and her fantastic intuition.

Belvedere Stables on Facebook
Visit us on Facebook and stay informed about clinics and events throughout the year.

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Ever heard of the 30-second Bunny theatre?

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