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Belvedere Stables is an Ambassador for Schleese Saddlery, a German saddle maker based in Toronto, Canada with selected international subsidiaries. Jochen Schleese is available several times a year for saddle fitting clinics in the San Diego area.

Their patented AdapTree® moves with the horse, while the spring steel gullet can be shaped and adjusted by them on site to fit your horse perfectly, no matter if your discipline is Dressage, Jumpers, or English.

These saddles are made to last a lifetime and can be fully adjusted from horse to horse by manipulating the gullet plate and re-stuffing. Your horse's muscles will change shape with training and so should the saddle to ensure proper fit. Many saddles offer changeable gullets but don't allow for exact shaping or uneven body shapes.

Not only the horses benefit from their custom design, Schleese also manufactures their saddles specifically for male or female riders considering the gender-specific anatomy of human hip and seat bones to minimize the stress on our joints while spending time on our horses' backs.

Common Saddle Features:

German leather:
This high quality super durable leather gives a very classic look, while providing a smooth high gloss finish -
Colors: Black and Brown

'French-Style' leather:
This soft and supple ‘dry milled’ leather has a matte finish and never loses its colour. It is dyed all the way through, and provides the rider with more grip and stability in the saddle - a popular choice for discerning riders. Our 'French-Style' leather is carefully selected and meets the highest specifications. The 'dry milled' process gives a higher quality 'grain' appearance and softer feel to the touch -
Colors: Black and Brown

Seat Sizes: 15” – 19”

Seat Comfort:
The patented CC is a padded cut out in the crotch area to relieve pressure on the front pelvic area of the rider. It is designed specifically for riders who have had problems with saddles giving too much contact in the front.

Gullet Width:
All of the Schleese saddles have extra wide gullets to protect the spinous processes and the dorsal ligament system of the horse. The gullet width increases slightly towards the cantle to allow ultimate flexibility of the vertebrae.

Programs are available for trainers who would like to join their network.

To sign up or to get more information for any of the clinics, please email us.

More information about the saddles and their features can be found at www.saddlefit4life.com or www.schleese.com

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